Listening to Hi-Res Apple Lossless on the Cheap

[disclaimer: contains amazon affiliate links] I’m no audiophile. I can’t always tell the difference between compressed and lossless files.  However, I love listening to lossless audio. I feel like I’m

A Language Learning Framework

As a linguist, language learner, and language teacher I am often asked questions similar to the following: * So how do you actually learn a language? * What can I do to learn a language

How do I teach Listening?

I gave a presentation at the annual I-TESOL conference yesterday. The topic was on how to teach listening. I’ve linked my presentation and handouts below. More to come later . . . How do I

Waterfall Lesson Planning

Waterfall Lesson Planning [Adapted from a post I made on another blog a few years ago.] I often have the opportunity to sit on a panel of experienced teachers [1].  Being on panels

First Day with the New Commuter Bike

In case you were unaware, I sold my trike to buy a commuter bike . . . . and so far I love it! Today was the first day of commuting by bike. I have always wanted